The Road to the 2013 Oscars: Amour – Mini Review


What do you get if you take the first 10 minutes of “Up” and turn it into a French drama set in an apartment building? You kind of get “Amour” (meaning “Love”), a terrifying portrayal of an elderly couple’s last moments together and how far one will go, and is pushed, in the name of love. While the performances from Jean-Louis Trintignant (Georges) and Emmanuelle Riva (Anne) are undoubtedly powerful, the problem I had with the film is that I didn’t exactly feel any emotional connection, or even sympathy for that matter, towards these two main characters. The film feels cold and distant, and the only real reaction it got from me is towards the end of the film in a scene that is obviously meant to garner a reaction, whether that be shock, or anger or sadness. But then again, I’m not exactly this film’s target audience. An elderly couple will connect with these characters much better than I can. What the film does extremely well, however, is set a certain tone and maintain that throughout the film, a tone that really exploits our own fragility and helplessness as human beings, especially in our older years. And the film tests our own morality and commitment by making us think of what we would do in Georges’s situation.



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