The 5 Best Quotes From the Catfish Season 2 Premiere


Catfish returned tonight with its season 2 premiere and boy, was it full of surprises. Well, not really. Max is still insistent on holding a camera that we never see footage of, Nev is still hairy chested, and we all know that these people are typically being lied to. If the guy on the other end of the line is pretending to be a buff bald black man, he’s most likely a skinny white boy or your white best friend you treat like a sister. Unfortunately for the victim of this Catfish, it was BOTH.  To its credit, I didn’t exactly see that one coming. The writers got me on that one…oh, it’s all real? Okay, and Paula Deen isn’t racist. But despite this revelation, the real stand-out for the episode was its creator, Nev (pronounced Neev-yeah, it’s weird. Just call him Hairy Chest). Or more to the point, Nev’s hilarious one-liners. Whether intentional or not, Nev was on his a-game. Here’s a list of the best Nev quotes of the night…and one of Max’s.

1. “That’s what I call a frequent flyer!” Nev sees a bird in an airport and tries to be funny. Maybe next time, Nev.

2.”I would certainly want to make love to the person I was talking to before I married them.” Of course Nev would say “make love.” Obviously.

3. “Max, we know what we need to do…IMAGE SEARCH.” I felt like I was watching a cheesy old-school cartoon like Captain Planet where everyone would say at the same time “WITH OUR POWERS COMBINED…”

4. “One thing, I can tell you, is that I’m not going to sleep well tonight.” Really, Nev? THIS is gonna keep you up tonight?

5. “I’m really excited to just start digging into Steve.” This is Max’s. I knew he was gay.


Game of Thrones: “The Rains of Castamere” Review



Well, that was unexpected…

…if you haven’t read the book that is. For me and hundreds of other people, the last 15 minutes of this penultimate episode to Game of Thrones’ third season was a gut-wrenching shock. And even those who’ve read the book, “A Storm of Swords,” are probably still recovering from what took place in those final moments. The Starks just cannot catch a break, can they?

The scene in question is obviously the Red Wedding, and red it was with buckets of blood. Robb , his mother Catelyn, his wife and unborn child, all meet a merciless and tragic end. Despite knowing that something awful was going to happen this episode, I had no idea that something like this would happen until it was happening. I think the most tragic part of it is that even when you know something is wrong, you still hope for the best. I still hoped Arya would be reunited with her mother and brother and all would be well. And even during the chaos, I hoped that Catelyn and Robb would find some way of getting out. But this is Game of Thrones, and it’s better to prepare for the worst. The episode did a fantastic job of creating a positive atmosphere at the wedding to make the end all that more powerful. It just goes to show that when things seem to be going well, don’t expect it to last in this show.


That’s the great thing about this show. Even if main characters we like are unexpectedly killed, we can be shocked and saddened but we can still love it at the same time. This is a show where no one is safe and we never know (if we haven’t read the books) who will bite it next. Literally anyone can be gone at any time, but whenever a character dies, it may be shocking at first but in the end we realize it had to be done. Catelyn and Robb being murdered at the Lannisters’ orders will undoubtedly set in motion a tragic chain of events. And I’m looking forward to it.

But the Red Wedding wasn’t the only thing happening this week. After a couple of admittedly slow episodes and a week off, “The Rains of Castamere” brought GoT back with a bang. Jon Snow has abandoned the wildlings, Bran has discovered new mind-controlling abilities, Daenyres has a city under her control now, and Arya was a total badass to the Hound. Besides the final moments, my favorite part of the episode, on a more light note, is when Arya tells the Hound that one day she’s going to shove a sword through the back of his skull…well, I don’t know if you can call that ‘light’ but it’s lighter. Foreshadowing, possibly? It’s made better by the fact that the Hound actually saves Arya and gets her away from the chaos of the Red Wedding (before she can see her mother and brother die).


Overall, this episode proved why Game of Thrones is one of the most addicting and powerful shows on television. The painstaking final moments are proof of that enough, but the rest of the episode is top-notch as well. These are character deaths done right, and does anyone else think Michelle Fairley deserves Emmy recognition for her performance as Catelyn? She’s been a powerful female character since the show’s inception, but just this episode alone-from begging Walder Frey to let Robb go or she’ll cut his wife’s throat, to her cry of pain at seeing Robb die, to even her tragic silence at the very end-the actress gave it all she had for her final episode. Bravo.

5 stars

The Walking Dead: The Suicide King Review


The Walking Dead has returned for the second half of its third season in exhilarating fashion…at least, for the first five minutes. The opening promised a pretty exciting episode, but unfortunately things kind of simmered down for most of the rest of it.

The episode picks right up where the mid-season finale left off, with brothers Daryl and Merle pitted against each other by the Governor. Their “fight to the death” doesn’t last long, though, as Rick and the rest of the crew come to the rescue with bullets and smoke grenades. If there’s one thing that will stop zombies, it’s smoke grenades. People die, Daryl and Merle get the hell out of there, and the Governor nonchalantly walks through the smoke in dramatic fashion. Cut to opening credits sequence.

Like I said, this beginning set up a pretty exciting episode, but the rest of it fell kind of flat. It was nice to see Rick and the crew kicking ass in Woodbury, though, and the writers are making us anxiously wait for the time when Rick and the Governor finally square off. Really, the only other semi-exciting thing to happen in the episode was zombies in Woodbury,and the Governor nonchalantly shooting a bitten citizen in the head then walking back to his house without a word. He was very nonchalant this episode. It’s probably because he’s pissed about something. I wonder what.

The rest of the episode was basically set-up for what’s to come in the final episodes of the season, which I guess is to be expected after a multiple-month hiatus. There were a lot of things happening here, and yet, not much, because it only hinted at things to come. First off, Daryl decides to leave the group with Merle, siding with his deeply disturbed and racist biological brother Merle over his deeply disturbed and whispering-like-that’s-the-only-way-he-can-talk figurative brother Rick. This all happened very quick, but we guess that the brothers redneck will be back.


Then we’ve got the whole thing with the new group in the prison because, well, there always has to be a new group in the prison to make decisions about. There’s a new black guy who already has more lines than T-Dawg and T-Dawg.2 did combined, so I guess he’ll probably be kind of important. Two of the people in the group (the white ones) want to steal the weapons from Rick’s group while the other two (the black ones) warn against it. Needless to say, this plot point gets scrapped pretty quick because black people finally got their way in this show. It’ll be interesting to see if the white people go through with their plan in the future though. They’ll probably die.

Meanwhile, Glenn is mad at Rick (who is becoming more badass, which I like. He goes all “Drive” on a zombie this episode and stomps its face in), Maggie is mad at God knows what (she’s probably just PMSing) and Rick is mad at the world because Daryl left, Glenn’s mad at him, his baby cries whenever he holds her, his wife is dead, his best friend is dead, he has to deal with new people in the prison (again) and the whole thing with the Governor wanting him dead just tops it all off. Rick’s taking a downward spiral and seeing things, namely his dead wife, which was insanely creepy. Hershel should take a look at him, because, ya know, he is a doctor. Speaking of Hershel, he still only has one leg and a ponytail, and that’s all we need to know.

So overall, Season 3 has been pretty awesome. It’s been good about keeping the pace faster than season 2, but this was one of the weaker episodes. I feel in the coming weeks things are going to get insane though, at least I’m hoping. There’s obviously going to be a big confrontation between the prison group (both of them) and the Governor’s army. I’m just waiting for the payoff. Don’t write off The Walking Dead yet.